Sauvignon Blanc “Turmalin” 2018


Each SIGNUM BLANC product (excluding vineyard dinners) comes in an individualised gift box*.

100% hand harvest 20+ shelf life

The Sauvignon Blanc impresses with its balance and delicacy. On the nose, delicate notes of elderflower, gooseberry, apple and white currant. A very clear, fresh, vibrant and at the same time matured wine. Exceptionally balanced with fine acidity and a very complex structure. In addition, a trace of roughness and coolness reminiscent of mint and fennel paired with an almost peppery flavor. You literally have the terroir in your nose. Very round and polished on the palate – a total work of art.

Shelf Life: 15 Jahre +

For the exact design of your individual engraving, please contact

You can choose from a selection of fonts, as well as have each side of the wooden box engraved.

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