Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) “Turmalin” 2018


“Initially reserved on the nose, with a little air and time the Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) shows yellow fruity aromas of ripe apple, quince and peach with some smokiness. Good incisive acidity, tautness and freshness characterize this wine. There are also delicate hints of brioche, coconut and a touch of vanilla. Pressive, tightly woven and precise with a wonderful balance and a long finish.”

Maître Sommelier Gerhard Retter

Shelf life: 20 Years +

Alk.: 13,5 % Vol.

Ried Kreuzberg

Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) "Turmalin" 2018

Ried Kreuzberg, Südsteiermark DAC

Turmanlinic metamorphic weathering rock

Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris)

Late budding, very warm spring with early blooming. Dry summer. Earliest harvest ever, relatively abundant rainfall at the beginning of autumn.

100 percent hand harvest
After spontaneous fermentation 27 months on the fine lees
Aging in wooden barrels

Alk. 13,5 % Vol.
1,1 g/l RZ dry
5,9 g/l tbS

This Pinot Gris 2018 impresses with maturity and fruit. Its balance and depth make it a perfect partner for both expressive light and delicate dark sauces. This wine conveys spiciness and a consistent sweetness-acidity balance.

In a large Burgundy glass, open 4-6 hours in advance.
Very good drinking maturity: 2022
Optimal drinking maturity: 2023 – 2033 and longer

Maître Sommelier Gerhard Retter describes this wine

Already visually, the Pinot Gris is a real gem. It shows a beautiful golden yellow color and is quite clear, clean and pure. At the beginning it still has a relatively discreet nose and delicate, fine aromas. Youthful, but still fully ripe. It is dry, has a good structure, complex body, medium acidity, no tannin and is relatively powerful in terms of alcohol. It is a complex, very aromatic wine, very punchy on the palate with a long finish.

The wine shows a really refined interplay of flavors. One tastes ripe apple, a hint of quince and a touch of peach. And the longer the wine breathes, the more its delicate yellow-fruited aromas develop. There is also a certain interesting smokiness as well as a very small hint of nutty aromas.

Flawless and polished
The Pinot Gris is well met here as a variety, but is fine, polished, has a relatively good concise acidity and a wonderful freshness. You can taste its origin, its terroir, the stony soil with its spicy quartz aromas. There is also a nuance of cookie, toast and brioche, a bit of coconut, almond and a hint of vanilla. The Pinot Gris is very punchy on the palate, yet very tight-knit, precise and perfectly balanced. It is a very fine Pinot Gris with a balanced and complex wood note, a truly delicious wine with an extremely long finish that flatters the palate. And you can see not only its beautifully stony terroir, but also very clearly the signature of its winemaker, as with the Sauvignons or the Morillons.

Multifaceted and rich in stones.
When the Pinot Gris is kissed by the air, it develops even more facets. The yellow-fruited aromas of pear and apple slowly come to the fore and the wine develops a very delicate, slightly salty, caramel note. It gains with every breath. It is a very good wine, a very first class Pinot Gris. Really cool. Just wow!

My food tip for Pinot Gris:
What goes well with Pinot Gris are roasted poultry such as guinea fowl or pheasant, roasted veal and also like roasted or baked sweetbreads. Liver pates and terrines with nuts and pistachios are also wonderful food accompaniments. Or a hearty pasta with salsicia. A great combination is also sterz made from corn or buckwheat. If you like fish, combine the wine with baked carp. For vegetarians, cauliflower à la polonaise (Polish style), spicy mature hard cheese or mushroom dishes such as morel à la creme and baked porcini mushrooms are a good choice. An interplay with a lot of pleasure!

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