Morillon (Chardonnay) “Turmalin” 2018


“A very young wine with a wonderful acidity and tannin structure. On the nose there are fine aromas of acacia, chamomile, ripe yellow fruity aromas such as pear, apple, quince but also a touch of fresh mint and fennel notes. There are also natural notes of wood aging such as cookie or brioche. One cannot deny a certain sexiness to the wine. Punchy and powerful, it can be said to have a rubens-like stature with tremendous length and a tremendous juiciness.”

Maître Sommelier Gerhard Retter

Shelf life: 20 Years +

Alk.: 13,5 % Vol.

Ried Kreuzberg

Morillon (Chardonnay) "Turmalin" 2018

Ried Kreuzberg, Südsteiermark DAC

Turmanlinic metamorphic weathering rock


Late budding, very warm spring with early blooming. Dry summer. Earliest harvest ever, relatively abundant rainfall at the beginning of autumn.

100 percent hand harvest
After spontaneous fermentation 27 months on the fine lees
Aging in wooden barrels

Alk. 13,5 % Vol.
1,1 g/l RZ dry
5,0 g/l tbS

With its elegance and finesse, Morillon 2018 is an incredibly complex guide through the world of pleasures. It brings out the intermediate tones of cooking styles and goes well with meat and with fish, with vegetarian and with oriental dishes.

In a large Burgundy glass, open 4-6 hours in advance.
Very good drinking maturity: 2022
Optimal drinking maturity: 2023 – 2033 and longer

Maître Sommelier Gerhard Retter describes this wine

The Morillon has a beautiful depth of color, it is almost golden yellow and shows strong wine tears or “church windows” as they say to the streaks in the glass. It is very clear and clean and relatively aromatic in intensity, but powerful and dry. A clear medium plus. In the expression one recognizes primary aromas, but also first secondary aromas. For example, a clear woodiness. The overall impression in quality is: young, but very good to excellent.

It is a very young wine with a very good acidity, medium plus, likewise with the tannic structure. So you have a little “something to bite”. It is a powerful wine with a relatively high alcohol content, a full, powerful body and a powerful full flavor intensity along with a powerful complex finish. Also on the palate the imprint is primarily fruity but one can also sense an initial ripeness from the yeast and wood notes in the imprint.

The nose has: acacia, chamomile, ripe yellow apple, juicy pear, ripe quince, citrus notes, some mango, melon, pineapple and a hint of fresh mint. The wine has less flinty notes like the Sauvignon, more of an association with those cool, wet creek pebbles. Also, of course, there are notes that come from the wood aging. Almost like sponge cake, toasted toast or brioche notes, like sourdough flavors. There is also a delicate hint of vanilla on the nose, very fine and subtle, like a light kiss. On the other hand, there is also clove, nutmeg, toast and cedar, all that smoky aroma that comes from toasting the wine in wooden barrels.

You can’t deny a certain sexiness to the wine, because it has a subtle spiciness that almost reminds you of candied ginger. And it is still punchy and powerful. A wine that can be said to have a rubens-like stature, i.e. a bit expansive, with curves, that has something on its ribs. In addition, there is an enormous amount of length and a tremendous juiciness.

My drinking-tip:

This 2018 vintage definitely needs to age some more, , otherwise you’ll need to decant it for two to three hours. I would suggest to serve it in a Burgundy glass. The Morillon is a very good wine, with a high alcohol content and strong wood aromas. Sexy! As glass form I would advise also here to a Burgundy glass. It’s a very good wine, with a bit of alcohol and strong wood flavors. Sexy, that is!

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