Noble stone, noble wine

Latest find 15.05.2021
Replanting in the vineyard
Kreuzberg / Leutschach

SIGNUM BLANC grows on tourmaline-rich rock soil, a unique terroir on the Kreuzberg in southern Styria.

There, black tourmaline is contained in the loose metamorphic rock where the vines root deep in the rock and penetrate into the finest cracks, as a soil analysis in 2019 confirmed. Geologically speaking, tourmaline “bites out” at the SIGNUM BLANC vines on the Kreuzberg: it emerges and simultaneously permeates the deep rock layers.

This precious stone, which has been resting in the soil of the Kreuzberg under the vines for millions of years, is a true “treasure”. As a gemstone, black tourmaline is mysterious and magically beautiful, but it is also one thing: energetically valuable.

The power, energy and minerality of the black gemstone is absorbed by the fine deep roots of the vines, which wander persistently through the rocky, humus-poor soil in search of nutrients and minerals. It is precisely this power, energy and minerality that passes through the roots into the hand-picked grapes and is later intensified by the wine’s long maturation in the cellar.

The aromas are more condensed, more concentrated, resulting in a very characterful wine. – “Noble stone, noble wine!”

SIGNUM BLANC has “Vinergie”.

And you can feel it, sip for sip.

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