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Tasting with accompanying SIGNUM BLANC wines in selected restaurants in Southern Styria and Slovenia

From 2022 tastings by appointment:

Schlossberg 46, Leutschach

We come to you

  • For your private parties
  • For your business lunches
  • For your events

and present you and your guests SIGNUM BLANC wines

International Tastings also possible

Next Generation Tasting

Involving the next generation

Noble, rich in finesse, stunning in taste. If you want to inspire your grown-up children or grandchildren with enthusiasm for good wines, you need to get them involved – and above all stimulate their senses: tasting, smelling, feeling. At SIGNUM BLANC, at your ‘next generation tastings’, we share our intricate knowledge of wine with young people and sophisticate their palate.

Participation in the tastings is a special kind of gift: parents and grandparents of adult children can send us a bottle from their wine cellar in advance – which we will then include in the tasting.

In small groups, the participants taste 12 to 15 wines – blind-folded, mind you. Only the person organising the tasting knows the wines; the bottles are wrapped so that nothing can be recognised. SIGNUM BLANC wines, as well as other wines from South Styria, are represented in the tasting. The exquisite array of bottles is complemented – on request – by a wine, incognito of course, from your home.

Each participant can take notes objectively, guess the grape varieties and cultivation method of the wine: Is the wine pure – or has it flaws? Where did it come from? Which terroir could it be? Questions over questions – which are literally tasted during the tasting.

The large number of wines makes it easy to differentiate – to choose your personal favourite. At the end, the secret, the identity of each wine, is revealed.

Our tasting seminar imparts profound knowledge about terroir and vineyard work, about cellar and vinification techniques and also about the typicity of various wines. The tasting can be booked for one or two days – if desired with a follow-up tasting: How does the wine present itself the next day?

If you have any questions about accommodation, we will be happy to help and also organise transfer to the winery.

Please ask for a gift voucher and to organise a date.

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Covid restrictions

Due to the current restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to provide the experience we strive for with our Tastings & Events. As soon as we see an opportunity (typo on the German page), we will post detailed information about upcoming events and look forward to meeting you and sharing our common passion for exclusive white wine.


Excellence connects

Passion and perfection achieved

… in their profession

Celebrate your life

For those who celebrate the diversity of life

International grape pickers during lunch break


Vineyard dinner with international friends

Exquisite moderation

So that special moments become unique memories

‘Every sip is unique’

Toni Rothschädl


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